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Dear Supporter of Digital Freedom,
What if you woke up tomorrow and the Internet didn't work
the way it's supposed to? What if your Internet service
provider could block your favorite website or the app you
use to message your friends, or throttle them down to a
painfully slow speed?

That could happen soon. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai recently
unveiled his plan to dump the agency's Open Internet rules
and abandon the agency's commitment to protecting net
neutrality. If the FCC goes forward with the plan, that
means we'll lose essential protections against unfair
practices like site blocking and throttling. The Internet
will become less like the Internet and more like cable TV,
with ISPs deciding which content we should spend our time
looking at.

Today, we're joining hundreds of other websites in giving
the world a preview of what the Internet might look like
without net neutrality. If you visit our website today,
you'll see a pop-up claiming that it's been blocked by your
ISP. The message is clear: giving up protections for net
neutrality will give ISPs a frightening amount of control
over your Internet experience.

If you’re worried about large ISPs deciding how you use the
Internet, tell the FCC.

Take action:

Thank you,

Elliot Harmon
Activism Team
Electronic Frontier Foundation

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