[Admin] Nice job - you are all set up!

Hi there!

It looks like you have everything running, which is great!

Today, we just wanted to answer a few common questions we often receive regarding the trial itself and the pricing:

  • What plans do you offer?

  • How do you count queries?
    Every request to us is counted as one query. Typically for IP queries, this will be roughly equal to the number of messages received per day. Example: If you check the sending IP against combined.mail.abusix.zone and 4 URLs in the body against dblack.mail.abusix.zone, then that is 5 queries.

  • What is a fair query policy?
    In short, our fair query policy means we will never restrict or drop any of your queries because your usage is over the allowed threshold. We are monitoring your daily queries. If you start frequently going over your allowance, we will inform you and ask you to consider an upgrade.

For more FAQs please visit app.abusix.com and navigate to the pricing section.

You can also reply to this email, should you have anymore questions.

Happy querying,


Senior Product Owner,
Abusix Mail Intelligence

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