[Admin] Learn how to increase your block rates and discover our new Splunk App

Join us on a webinar to learn how to increase your block rates, and find out about our newly released Splunk App.


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Increase your block rates

WEBINAR Thu July 16th, 10am EST 3pm BST
Join Emanuele and Matt from The Spamhaus Project, as they walk you through ways to increase your block rates using hash blocklists. You’ll learn what hash blocklists are, how they’re created, where to add them to your email security stack, and how they’re benefiting other users.


Man sitting in deck chair with lap top being protected by a leaf from malicious internet resources

Splunk AppOur Engineers have been busy throughout lock-down and have recently launched

„Spamhaus Datasets for Splunk“. It’s our first foray into the Splunk world and we’d love to get your feedback.

View the App

Botnet Update

As we enter into July, keep an eye out for the Q3 Botnet Update. Last quarter we noted a huge 57% reduction in botnet command and controller activity. Sadly, it wasn’t all good news, as you can see from the report below.

Q2 2020 Update

Don’t like clicking on buttons?

If you’re like our CEO and refuse to click on buttons in email, the W****ebinar can be found at https://events.spamhaustech.com/webinar-beyond-ip-and-domain-reputation, Splunk App at https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/5081/ and Botnet Update at https://www.spamhaustech.com/custom-content/uploads/2020/04/2020-Q1-Botnet-Threat-Update-LR1.pdf.

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