[Admin] Keep the Momentum Going! Tell the House to Save Net Neutrality Protections

Dear Supporter of Digital Freedom,
We did it! The Senate has voted to overturn the FCC's
decision to repeal net neutrality protections. But the
battle doesn’t end there. We need to tell the House of
Representatives to step up like the Senate did.

The FCC has announced that its repeal of net neutrality will
go into effect on June 11. Net neutrality—the principle that
Internet service providers must treat all data on the
Internet equally and not block, throttle, or charge extra or
access to it—has been vital to the growth of the Internet.
The vast majority of Americans support net neutrality as its
death only benefits companies like Comcast and AT&T. In less
than a month, it will no longer be the law.

But, under the Congressional Review Act, Congress can
overrule any regulation issued by a government agency with a
simple majority. Congress has a limited period of time to
act under these rules, which is why the Senate forced a vote
and won with a majority of 52 to 47.

With that clock still ticking, we need to tell the House of
Representatives to vote to restore the Open Internet Order.
Please contact your representative by going to this link
and tell them to stand up for real net neutrality.

Thank you,

Katharine Trendacosta

Activism Team | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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