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We’ve created a whole load of content to help you fill any knowledge gaps you may have in how to use our data.

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Welcome to Spamhaus Know How

Everything you need to know about DNS blocklists, but don’t like to ask

Expand your expertise with Spamhaus Know How, our free series of blog posts, videos and a webinar, aimed at filling in knowledge-gaps and helping you to maximize the benefits from our data.

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Webinar | Blocklist Basics | Thu, Dec 3rd#

With a focus on blocklist fundamentals, our experts will be walking you through what DNSBLs are, how they are compiled and how to use them.

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Blog | Top tips for running your own mail server

When it comes to running your mail server sometimes the simple things can trip you up. But get the basics right and you’ll be set-up for success.

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Know How content can be found at https://www.spamhaus.com/campaign/know-how-dns-blocklists/

W****ebinar can be found at https://events.spamhaus.com/knowhow-dns-blocklist-basics-webinar

Top tips for running your own mail server at https://www.spamhaus.com/resource-center/top-tips-for-running-your-own-mail-server/