[Admin] Free access to a newly released enhanced dataset via API

Today we released a new API, giving developers free access to metadata relating to IP addresses that are showing signs of compromise.

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Newly released data for security challenges - Free beta version available

Today, for the first time, we have released an enhanced dataset available via API: Spamhaus Intelligence API [beta]. The even better news? You can access the beta service for free*.

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What is the Spamhaus Intelligence API (SIA)?

This API delivers enhanced data relating to IP addresses that are exhibiting compromised behavior.

For current Spamhaus customers, it’s worth noting that these IP addresses are the same ones that are listed on our eXploits Blocklist (XBL).

However, unlike our DNSBLs with their binary response, every IP address included in SIA has over 20 related fields. This enriched data can be used by developers across incident response applications, real-time risk assessment and trend monitoring.

75,000 new entries

7.5 million listings

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How can you get the data?

This data is available free of charge*. We look forward to seeing the security challenges this data can resolve in live environments.

To apply for access to SIA complete the form, and one of our team will be in touch to validate your application and provide access.

Apply for data access

*Up to a maximum of 20,000 queries per month and 1,000 queries per day.

Don’t like clicking on buttons?

If you’re like our CEO and refuse to click on buttons in email:

Full details on SIA can be found at https://www.spamhaus.com/campaign/intelligence-api/

Form to apply for access to the data can be found at https://www.spamhaus.com/campaign/intelligence-api/#contact-form/