[Admin] ffnw repo add tunneldigger

moin moin,

ich hab tunneldigger in der aktuellen Version aus dem (tunneldigger)
master hinzugefügt. tunneldigger läuft nun auf python3.

Die Repo Version läuft z.Z. mit der neuen batman Version auf der leer
Supernode im test.

Änderungen zwischen der Version die bei uns im Einsatz ist und der neuen
im debian repo.

      client: fix warning suspicious assertion in asyncns
      l2tp_client: allow to set MAX_BROKERS from outside
      Update client docs
      client: declare project as C
      broker: Python 3: Initial 2to3 conversion
      broker: Python 3: Manual adjustments
      broker: Python 3: Enable CI for Python 3 testing
      Update HISTORY.rst with info on Python 3
      broker: Remove NAT logic
      broker: Allow ports to be re-used
      Update HISTORY.rst on dropped Netfilter dependency
      tests: Add comments about obsolete dependencies
      docs: Remove obsolete dependencies
      Update top-level docs
      broker: More info on tunnel endpoint error message
      Revert "Revert NAT removal"
      bump Ubuntu version we use on CI
      fix README
      use old Ubuntu for old servers
      retry more and harder
      add Vagrantfile for locally debugging tests
      only setup trusty lxc container when we need it
      use bash
      Revert NAT removal
      explain at least some bits in the magic prefix
      update and sync top-level docs
      better log messages for tunnel teardown
      Revert "better log messages for tunnel teardown"
      lets try to see what goes wrong in lxc
      see if changing keyserver helps with CI issues
      better log messages for tunnel teardown
      check for endpoint change on all messages, not just CREATE_TUNNEL
      remove broker_select_one; we can just use broker_select with
  length 1
      show broker host+port in context-specific logs
      broker: test for messages received on the wrong socket
      mention the new kernel requirements in the docs
      tweak and document default settings
      without automatic PMTU, tell client about static PMTU
      dont send PMTU_NTFY when we do not actually have a sensible PMTU
      make context_session_set_mtu robust against ctx->pmtu==0
      the sudo key does not do anything any more
      switch to another keyserver
      tweak comments and logging, and keep connection data for blocked
      do global rate limiting first
      add default values for new config options
      disable rate limiting by default
      fix hook name
      update docs and rename scripts to match config keys
      CI: increase LXC container download retry time
      fix connection count in log message
      log when we retry container creation
      print warning when we run out of tunnel IDs
      use lazy string interpolation
      close pollable when its FDs errors
      also close pollables on HUP
      handle hook process being closed twice
      handle failing strdup
      actually seed randomness if we use it
      show more details on connection close
      * added hook for connection threshold per IP

Liebe grüße
Jan-Tarek Butt