[Admin] Don't let Congress censor the Internet

Dear Supporter of Digital Freedom,
Twenty years ago, we all came together against a fundamental
threat to free speech online. We won, and in the process, we
got one of the most important protections for free
expression over the Internet. Congress just put that
protection on the chopping block.

Don't let its name fool you: the Stop Enabling Sex
Traffickers Act wouldn't help punish sex traffickers. What
it would do is expose any organization or company that hosts
third-party content on the Internet to the risk of
overwhelming criminal and civil liability for the actions of
its customers.

Your favorite social media site could be in danger. So could
your favorite dating app, the obscure messaging board you
use to talk about your favorite game or TV show, or the
mailing list you use to share news with your neighbors. Even
web platforms run by nonprofit and community groups, which
serve as invaluable outlets for free expression and
knowledge sharing, could be in trouble. The Internet as we
know it is at risk.

Please consider taking a moment to send a note to your
members of Congress: sex trafficking is a horrible problem,
but this bill is not the solution.

Take action:

If you'd like more information on this dangerous bill, read
our detailed analysis of it:

Thank you,

Elliot Harmon
Activism Team
Electronic Frontier Foundation

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