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Dear Supporter of Digital Freedom,
Today the Federal Communications Commission voted to eviscerate net neutrality and place the Internet’s future in the hands of corporate interests. This is a serious challenge and we need your help to fight back.

Join us today: https://eff.org/r.rkuo

No user wants to be stuck with an Internet gatekeeper deciding what content we see, slowing access to a site, or charging premiums at its whim. We must preserve the open web we love for ourselves and for the future of creativity and innovation.

Chairman Ajit Pai’s FCC has chosen to ignore booming public support for a free and open web, and we refuse to stand idly by. EFF, our partners at Battle for the Net, and tech innovators and users across the U.S. have pushed for weeks to #StopTheFCC and #SaveNetNeutrality through a series of online and on-the-ground actions.

EFF has taken to the streets with demonstrations in support of net neutrality, we’re keeping technological and legal expertise in net neutrality debates, and we’re helping you put pressure on Congress members with call and email tools. If need be, we’ll take the fight to the courts.

Please support EFF’s work today and help us prepare for the battles to come: https://eff.org/r.rkuo

Fighting for your rights,

Corynne McSherry
EFF Legal Director
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