[Admin] All hands on deck

Dear Supporter of Digital Freedom,
It’s easy to feel adrift these days. The rising tide of social unrest and political extremism can be overwhelming, but on EFF’s 28th birthday our purpose has never been more clear. With the strength of our numbers, we can fight against the scourge of pervasive surveillance, government and corporate overreach, and laws that stifle creativity and speech.

Support online rights during EFF’s Shipshape Security drive this week and you can become an EFF member for as little as $20: https://eff.org/r.4mht

Digital security anchors your ability to express yourself, challenge ideas, and have candid conversations. It’s why EFF members fight for uncompromised online tools and ecosystems: the world can no longer resist tyranny without them.

For two weeks only, join EFF for just $20 and get special member swag that will remind you to keep your digital cabin shipshape. You can even get a member t-shirt with EFF's brand new logo! The future of online privacy and free expression depends on your actions now.

Join EFF today! https://eff.org/r.4mht

Come hell or high water, EFF is fighting for your rights online. Lend your support and join us today.

Yours in digital freedom,

Aaron Jue
Development Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation

P.S. EFF is a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit and contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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